Using the subways and historic streets of Stockholm, Sweden, as his personal playground, David Thomsson captures a certain electricity running through the city of Stockholm. Though he’s only been a photographer for a few years, seeing the depth of his images, it’s hard to believe. Though he may be young, he has an intense drive and focus, that has set him apart from the burgeoning photographers on Instagram. David is less concerned with Instagram followers, ‘likes’ or his age; the only number he’s concerned with right now is 2015 – the year he plans to go from good to great. – Gray Gill, Hearth Magazine 15-01-05

I’m a 18-year-old Stockholm based photographer. I’ve been working with brands like Daniel Wellington, Visit Copenhagen and adidas. My main focus is architecture and street but sometimes I shoot portraits and commercial photos too. I’ve been shooting for about four years and have been doing Instagram for about three years.

Something that you may be able to see by looking at my feed is that I’m a perfectionist. Everything HAS to be perfect. All photos must look good together and every photo has to be perfect, not good, perfect. I’ve got about 1000 photos that other people probably would post and be proud about but they’re just good, not perfect.