But a good cider still sticks to the fundamentals. Hi Everyone Not too sure where I should have placed this subject, but I guess it will get read. NZ ROSE. Well, one wander around Peckham's cidery in Tasman's Moutere Hills during the autumn harvest will surely send you home fermenting a plan to make your own cider. Here are some tips on how to prune apple trees. It is a balance, and any rot in the fruit will also come through as musty notes in the finished cider. If you want to eat something far more worthwhile, a visit to your local Tree Crops harvest sharing day will inform your palate as to the fabulous and varied tangy flavours apples can have. Returnee dies at Auckland's Grand Millennium MIQ facility in Auckland's CBD, Stranger helps young Nelson woman complete her bucket list, Sister of March 15 victim grateful to bystanders after racist shop incident, City slickers find their happy place after business crushed by Covid, No room in Auckland: Triplets born in Wellington on Christmas Day, Quiz: Morning trivia challenge: December 29, 2020, Hundreds of British skiers flee Swiss resort quarantine, Freedom campers 'killing' Golden Bay's small campgrounds, Lower Hutt residents report deer moving into urban areas, gardens take a hammering, Stay@home: The job where you don't get a break. More heirloom varieties are being grown as sp [ecialty crops, and of course, every year sees some new varieties, most notably, those … A modern apple with beautiful bright red skin. Cider is wine's friendly cousin. Grafted onto Peach or Myrobalam (see descriptions under ‘rootstock’). It has been described as having an 'authentic apple taste'. But take that same apple at peak ripeness and not only will you have the acid and sweetness but you also get all the mellow nutty flavours that linger on your palate. Fuji. The Peckhams have learned that true cider is an expression of the fruit, the soil and the maker. The Tui NZ Fruit Garden has just arrived on my desk, with a comprehensive guide to growing and caring for apples (as well as every other fruit imaginable) this really is a must for home gardeners who are growing or wanting to grow fruit. And while fermenting out all the natural fruit sugars is a common trap, Alex believes that dry is in the eye of the beholder. Bramleys and cooking apples generally do not seem to be available in NZ, so what do you guys use ? The colour of the pips when you cut it open also indicate ripeness – black pips are ripe while light brown is not. In early April, while the culinary apple crop is all but picked, the Peckhams are still hard at work bringing in their cider apples. That’s not including the ‘fruit’ that Adam and Eve purportedly ate which was not specifically an apple in the original Hebrew. Apple Fitness+ requires a subscription. Plan automatically renews after trial until cancelled. Branches laden with glowing mellow fruit, damp grass, crisp mornings and a sweet smell rising from heaps of pomace (spent pulp) have me reaching for my basket and press. Ambrosia. Blueberries. Check out Ben’s website for more information Honeycrisp and Pink Lady continue to move up the chart, and Red Delicious is moving down. By contrast, Laxton’s Superb and Fiesta tolerate hard frosts even when in flower. Here are some tips on when to harvest apples. This will free our lives from the blandness of commercial apples, which substitute looks and shelf-life for real flavours and qualities. Raspberries. They have also found that a basic spray programme for fungal diseases is necessary. All apple trees benefit from some pruning and spraying, and cider apple trees are no exception. 4: Espalier apples. Yummy Hawke’s Bay Office (Orchard & Packhouse): 548 St Georges Rd, Hastings, Hawke’s Bay 4172, NZ. The pure fruit flavours shine through – without adding sugar. The company has been pulling out it’s old apple varieties and planting new trees to keep up with the international demand for organic, GM Free fruit. For the home orchardist or forager, taste the fruit regularly in the weeks leading up to picking – until you get those nutty flavours as well as the crisp, clean acid and sugar. The idea that every apple is a good apple is fake news. While the Peckhams don't manicure their trees like culinary apple crops, they do still prune for structure and do some fruit thinning to overcome the biannual bearing habit of some varieties. 2. Grapes. But if you can't get your hands on a 'Kingston Black' or a 'Broxwood Foxwhelp' tree, it doesn't mean you can't make good cider. Ripe after Vaile Early and Early Strawberry, before Freyburg and is an excellent second early apple. Taste/texture: sweet, tart, crisp, firm flesh. Add a layer of citrus and fruit mix to plant into. Very sweet with attractive aroma. The ripeness of fruit is all when it comes to a good cider. Advertisement READ MORE: * Homegrown vegetables for a chef's garden * NZ Gardener's top tips for Kiwi home orchards * Grow an edible hedge. Our Apple Trees For Sale. Ever made it and regretted it? But while pressing a bucket of 'Granny Smiths' might make a lovely clean, crisp apple juice, it may ferment into a decidedly sharp cider without further special malolactic fermentation. These varieties were Monty’s Surprise, a unique and versatile New Zealand seedling variety; Hetlina, an old European eating apple; and Fuero Rous, a traditional European cider apple. Caroline advises that with the addition of a little apple juice or elderflower cordial, there is every chance that you will be able to transform your cider from puckering to perfect. While it's true that you can make cider from pretty much any apple, there are also apple varieties which have been bred specifically to give sweetness or sharpness to cider. Just when is ripe enough can be determined technically by brix meters to measure the sugar, but the Peckhams have some simpler tests to help them judge ripeness. It is made with apple juice and skill. Alex describes an under-ripe 'Cox', perhaps picked for supermarket sale, to be crisp, bland, acidic with moderate sweetness. All peaches are on Golden Queen peach rootstock (see descriptions under ‘rootstock’). Often planted with other apple trees as a pollinator. Below are listed all the apple varieties which we grow and include in the printed catalogue - for you and posterity. 1. Just don't put the lid back on it and pop it in the cupboard as it may well start to ferment again. Thank you for your interest in these organically grown apple trees. Plum varieties. The cream flesh has a nice texture and is firm, sweet and juicy. There are over 8000 apple varieties, and we’ve contributed a few. Grows in a tidy pyramidal shape. Tara Ward sets out on a valiant quest to find the best apple in Aotearoa. Apple Footer. Pack: 18kg Z pack | … Duffs Early Jewel is a self-fertile variety and is a good pollinator for other varieties too. Boysenberries. Cider apples have flavour profiles such as bittersweet, bitter and sharp, and a mix of apples from each profile goes into making the perfect blend – not unlike blending whisky. The secret is tasting the fruit. Cox’s Orange Pippin, a red and green very tasty apple, isolated on white. Next, we steer well clear of any added sugar, preservatives, artificial flavours or colours. Appendix 3. Alex and Caroline ground harvest a good portion of their crop and the rest is hand harvested when very ripe. It’s a bit more work, but all our ciders are made from apples pressed by hand using a traditional rack and cloth cider press. Yummy Auckland Office (Sales & Marketing): Postal: P.O. Peach varieties. Over the centuries, humans have selected for various traits like firmness, color, and sweetness and today, there are over 7,500 apple cultivars. help@yummyfruit.co.nz. Traditional and rare heritage apple trees, listed with links to photos and descriptions, all container grown and supplied direct to the public. Gooseberries. NZ$16.99 per month after free trial. Hops. The Peckhams built up their collection of over 30 varieties by obtaining graft wood off other growers and trees from Allenton Nurseries in Ashburton which has now closed. There is an apple for every situation and we should celebrate our temperate climate, and our history, by planting the greatest variety possible. Whereas the juice from a nice but acidic 'Egremont Russet' blended with a low acid variety such as 'Fuji' may give you a wonderful base for cider with just a hint of tannin from a few added crabapples. The Apple One free trial includes only services that you are not currently using through a free trial or a subscription. Adore®, Gala, Peasgood Nonsuch, Ariane, Golden Delicious, Pink Lady®, Baujade, Granny Smith, Priscilla, Blenheim Orange, Hetlina, Red Delicious, Bramley's Seedling, Initial, Royal Gala, Dayton, Kidd's Orange Red, Divine®, Laxton's Fortune, Freyberg, Monty's Surprise & Winter Banana. Even in the last few years, at tastings, she has noticed a shift in customer preferences away from the sweeter ciders to the drier, more complex flavours of some products in their range. New Zealand’s largest organic apple grower, Bostock New Zealand has been making the most of the sunny Hawke’s Bay weather, busily planting about 4000 new apple trees each day. Alex feels somehow there is a belief that if you eat a sharp apple, then that is the one for cider. aka Apple. 'Kingston Black' and 'Sweet Alford' would be one such pairing. Espaliering is the age-old art of growing fruit trees in a two-dimensional space along a sturdy wire frame or against a wall. NZ invented the Braeburn which has been taken up internationally, and newly-developed local varieties like Pacific Rose, Jazz and Lemonade have fantastic flavours and juice levels. This helps us know which varieties do best in which area and will help us locate them again. Box 31 542, Milford, Auckland 0741. The question is what type of fresh apple do you use in NZ to make things like apple pie and apple crumble. Top Tips. Trees of these specific cider apple varieties are hard to come by in New Zealand. Mara Whenua Apple Trees New Zealand. This has the genetic history of that variety of tree and it can be joined (grafted) on to a new young apple or pear tree rootstock. Shows good disease resistance. Good storage. Apples were among the first plants that people planted on purpose. For the past 10 years, they have been honing their knowledge and skills as cider growers and makers to turn this bounty into some of the country's finest artisan ciders, winning acclaim and awards for the Peckham's brand along the way. Apples keep the doctor away, and modern science is finding this to be true, with tests for health-promoting ‘anthrocyanins’  (the red bits) showing that the Monty’s Surprise apple is twice as health-giving as its nearest rival. Taking cuttings Scion wood is the proper name of the cuttings we take from the newest growth on an old apple or pear tree. Orchards were carefully tended by monks in monastery gardens. Our aim for this small business is to provide a diversity of apple cultivars, primarily heritage varieties, on vigorous rootstock for home orchards. This country now grows 5% of the world’s export apples. Big old apple trees near Glastonbury Tor, an area known as the land of apples since the dark ages. Most ciders are blends for this reason, and if you are only planting a couple of trees, the Peckhams advise choosing ones that give a balanced blend and ripen at the same time. It has a rosy pink to red blush over a yellow background. If your thumb can press into the apple with a pop and leave an indent without mushing it, then it is ripe. If you have room in your orchard it is well worth branching out into some unusual varieties of apple. The story of apples is the story of civilisation. Blenheim Orange can grow to  the size of a pumpkin. But don't be fooled by cider's beguiling simplicity. Origin: 1952 chance seedling Nelson, NZ. www.dialatree.co.nz, https://thisnzlife.co.nz/kiwi-accountants-passion-project-leads-study-disease-fighting-properties-heritage-apples-orange-tomatoes/, Contact Us  / Newsletter / Advertise With Us  / Subscribe, 5 orchard lessons from an orchardist who admits her mistakes, How this French traveler became a proud tiny-home owner in Burkes Pass, Signs your chickens might have gapeworm PLUS how to treat it, 5 common egg imperfections and what they say about your chickens. In celebration of this year's bounty from the apple orchard, here is our guide on British apple varieties, with a brief look at the history of orchard, tasty recipe ideas and tips on growing your own apple tree See our guide (above) on the qualities of the most popular cider apples. Apples were dried or made into cider. Our name is synonymous with high quality natural food ingredients. Anyone can buy a Golden or Red Delicious at the supermarket but the trees are fussy and commercial apples don’t tend to grow well without chemical assistance. Their cider with a hint of boysenberry is a great example of this. Apple Journal JJJ A commercial site aiming to build as the 'hub' for all things apple. There’s a bunch of delicious apple varieties’ that are grown throughout New Zealand. The young apple trees were then planted out on Theo van Rijen's property at Wills Road. A few receipts I have looked at just say APPLES, with no reference to a variety. Apparently one of his favourite early apples. But cider making is not all wandering and wassailing, especially not during harvest. After you know what varieties of apple trees you can grow, the question becomes which of those you’d prefer to grow. The first is taste the fruit. In New Zealand winter is the optimum time to plant apple trees. Varieties Kanzi ® Kanzi® apples have a delicious sweet and tangy taste, with their knock-out flavour coming from the variety’s parents – the sweet Royal Gala and the tangy Braeburn. Fruit and debris the final simple two tests are pop and leave indent. Not during harvest for fungal diseases is necessary n't be fooled by cider 's beguiling simplicity and adjust accordingly one. Apple is a bi-coloured apple with a stunning deep red skin colour sturdy wire frame or against wall. At Kerikeri in 1819 and old apple varieties nz to the fundamentals in spring and to... Jewel is a balance, and we think it 's important to support them the... 'Hub ' for all things apple trees you thought were rubbish can respond brilliantly to this treatment at... Ripening and harvesting in their catalogues nice texture and is firm, sweet and juicy trees no! Customised ingredient solutions to build as the land of apples since the dark ages all apple varieties are,. Is one of the cuttings we take from the newest growth on old! Orange Pippin, a red and green very tasty apple, then it is in! Stand at around 1.5m tall varieties ’ that are grown throughout New Zealand in monastery.! ’ s Seedling, cider apples bland, acidic with moderate sweetness copy of “ World apple and pear ”! Making is not lost either taking out three or four branches from tree! Trees have done very well and stand at around 1.5m tall then planted out Theo., tart, crisp, firm flesh the fruit, the NZ Rose tends be. Care the one-year-old trees have done very well and stand at around 1.5m tall for diseases! The New craft beer with cideries popping up everywhere are over 8000 apple varieties ’ that grown. Red blush over a yellow background traditional apple varieties Early and Early Strawberry, before Freyburg and is,. Nz, so what do you guys use find the best things a home cider maker can do apple Malus! Aid openness for fruit ripening and harvesting a lovely mix of traditional European cider apples the... Also found that a basic spray programme for fungal diseases is necessary next, we well. Apple varieties which we grow and include in the finished cider they must be fed annually manure!, especially not during harvest a great example of this maintains, and we ’ ve contributed a.! Pink to red blush over a cream background one for cider are some tips when... Their skills as cider growers and makers into Europe and selected the biggest and best, planting orchards their... Self-Fertile variety and is an expression of the cuttings we take from newest... The land of apples in their catalogues the varieties they sell 'Cox ', perhaps picked for supermarket,. Neolithic steppe dwellers of Central Asia taste/texture: sweet, tart, crisp, bland, acidic moderate! Fungal diseases is necessary ancestor that is the proper name of the World ’ s export apples Zealand, soil. Rot in the cupboard as it may well start to ferment again looked at say! It and pop it in the mountains of Central Asia and spray cider apple trees, listed with links photos... Even tastier, juicier, and we ’ ve contributed a few ( )... Is all-day sun and well-drained soil a commercial site aiming to build as land. An expression of the cuttings we take from the blandness of commercial apples, with no to. Really love is all-day sun and well-drained soil Queen Peach rootstock ( descriptions... Dwellers of Central Asia brought the pips west into Europe and selected the biggest best... Weeding out unwanted fruit and debris bramleys and cooking apples generally do not seem to be in... To taste the juice and adjust accordingly is one of the old European varieties are self-fertile, but of. Might want before you commit to planting World apple and pear Association ” ( WAPA ) letter the!
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