The lines are:  M1  (rossa);  M2  (verde);  M3  (gialla);  M5  (lilla). Milan has established a local version of the Aperitivo or Happy Hour. There are trains to the main cities of Lombardy (Como, Bergamo, Lecco, Varese, Pavia, Lodi amongst others) and to Malpensa airport. Zani Viaggi also run a bus service from Bergamo Airport to Milano Centrale station with a stop at the Cascina Gobba MM2 station on the North Eastern outskirts of Milan. It has the most populous city proper in the country, but sits at the centre of Italy's largest urban and metropolitan area. But be careful not to confuse "aperitivo" with "free dinner". There are also other buses from this airport. Also some small companies [1] also offer international routes to / from Milan. The road connections are thus excellent, but this also means a whole lot of traffic passing through (in addition to going to and from Milan itself) and road congestion is probably even more of a problem than usual around cities of this size. The city may become quite empty with some tourists strolling around, and with several of the main sights shut down. One of these is Corso Vercelli (MM1 Pagano, MM1 Conciliazione subway stations), another one is Corso Buenos Aires (MM1 Porta Venezia, MM1 Lima, MM1/MM2 Loreto subway stations), reputed as being the longest shopping street of Europe. The biggest one is called RESET! If you book a taxi by phone you'll start paying from the moment the driver accepts the call and comes to pick you up. The suggested route is displayed on a map and colored according to the cycling level of every street, together with real-time information about bike sharing stations and with the location of cycling-related services, such as bike repair shops. Milan is located in Lombardy, in the north of Italy, not far from the border with Switzerland and is mainly known as a major international fashion city. Trenord runs regional trains to Lecco, Sondrio, Tirano, Bergamo, Brescia and other cities. 35-49 year old female . Get live times, compare prices & buy cheap train tickets. What companies run services between Milan, Italy and Bolzano, Italy? So, you have your fair share of old and new monuments. This city's traditional cooking is based on filling dishes like osso buco (braised veal shanks) and risotto alla milanese (chicken-broth risotto made with saffron). Dedicated to antiques, the market has over 400 exhibitors, so you're certain to find something that catches your eye. 3 Days in Milan. They usually first ask "Where are you from?" Milan has an alternative club scene, with a few crews making electronic music parties outside clubs. In the Centro Storico, nights are overwhelmingly crowded at the Colonne di San Lorenzo (not far from Navigli quarter), and in the cozy Latin-quarter of Brera. Romantic Guide to Milan . Queues for regular taxis can get long during peak commuter hours (early evening) and are particularly bad during Fashion Week. In our Milan guide, you will find all the necessary information to plan your stay in the capital of Lombardy and make the most of your holidays, be it for a weekend or for longer. Some budget airlines fly to 45.665479.699483 Orio al Serio Airport (BGY IATA), about 45 km north-east of Milan, near the city of Bergamo. Europe ; Italy ; Lombardy ; Milan ; Travel Guides; Search. Milan Cathedral is the cathedral church of Milan, Lombardy, Italy. Regular express and fast trains serve all Italian cities including Turin, Venice, Rome, Naples, and Florence. No need to fear—just show up and purchase one at any of the clubs. If you spend time, though, strolling through less well known areas such as the pretty Navigli, the chic Brera district, the lively University quarter, or some of the smaller churches and buildings, you'll find a forward thinking, diverse city filled in every corner with history, and with a plethora of hidden gems. All fees are intended for a one-way, non-stop trip; taxi waiting time and booking are extras. This itinerary offers great views on old villas and mills along the quiet canal. Milan is an important road traffic hub with motorways coming in from all directions, both from elsewhere in Italy and from nearby France and Switzerland. The station building itself is worth a visit being a masterpiece of rationalist architecture, and was extensively renovated in 2008. You can find a bakery almost everywhere in Milan, even in the Duomo area, and is a good alternative to bars for a fast lunch. If you insert a €20 note, the machine would give it back after a few moments. In empty places, watch for strangers directly approaching you. by 0680sc, London, United Kingdom. Milan (Milano in Italian), the motivating force behind the financial sector of Italy, is the second largest city in the country behind Rome.The city holds a strong position as the capital of the Province of Milan as well as the regional capital of the Region of Lombardy. Since then I revisited the town for one day in Christmas of 2016 and two days during the summer of 2018. The main access to the lake is from Milan and Bergamo. In the many parks, there are dog-only areas, but be careful when walking as the two things you will see on the ground in the streets are cigarette ends and dog faeces. Since Sep 2013. Here in Montenapoleone Street (with prime brand shops), Della Spiga Street, Vittorio Emanuele Street, Sant' Andrea Street, Porta Venezia avenue and Manzoni Street, it contains the most prestigious boutiques and showrooms in the world. It can be quite rainy, grey and foggy, and some of the buildings, ancient or modern, have quite a severe appearance. Suburban Railway 'S' Lines are usually marked in blue on subway maps. If the file has been modified from its original state, some details may not fully reflect the modified file. Just ignore them. Save 61% on average when you buy in advance. Walking is definitely a possibility, and although Milan is a large city, many of the main tourist attractions are within an easy and pleasant walk from one another. If you don’t want to look like a clueless tourist, don’t worry about adding any … The quality mark gelato artigianale ("artisanal ice cream") indicates gelaterias that produce their own ice creams, without industrial processing. Remember that it's illegal to bring pirated goods into some countries and therefore such souvenirs might get even more expensive when trying to bring them home. Lines usually stop between midnight and 2AM, however, some lines, especially in the suburbs, end their service earlier. The Brera district is great for other things, such as browsing through traditional rare art stores and galleries, sipping a hot drink at a refined-air cafe, attending a funky disco, or looking for exotic furniture. All the major venues and shops are opened, since it is the working part of the year. This week we're exploring the fashion capital of Europe. Milan is home to two rival football (soccer) clubs; AC Milan and Internazionale. The bus runs every ten minutes and costs €1.50 with tickets available from the newsagent inside the airport terminal or by the ATM vending machines close to the bus stop. Thanks to Open Wifi Milano you can surf the web for free in many areas of the city: both in the town center and in the outskirts. Sort through new and second-hand clothes, old furniture, fake art nouveau lamps, perfumed candles and every kind of essence, books, comics, records, videos and DVDs. The  M4  is under construction, to be completed by 2022, as are many other extensions of existing lines. Travel by train from Cuffley to Moorgate in 33m. Several tourist hot spots, such as the Corso Vittorio Emanuele or the Via Dante are pedestrian-only, so walking shouldn't be a problem. There is an ATM app for iOS and Android that you can use to buy single or daily tickets. Usually around the station there are children aggressively targeting tourists for pickpocketing, so pay attention to your bag. I am passionate about travelling, foreign cultures and languages. Europe ; Italy ; Lombardy ; Milan; Search. In the area just south of the Central railway station you can find a dense concentration of hotels. Some are managed by ATM. Many people visit Milan to shop for fashionable Italian shoes, dresses and suits. Also avoid restaurants or cafes around the central station, where it has been reported that hidden serving tax can be up to €5 per person with cheap quality food. Flixbus serves domestic and international routes. The driver will wait for ladies to enter the home door as a courtesy. Milan (Italian: Milano; Milanese: Milan) is financially the most important city in Italy, and home to the Borsa Italiana stock exchange. There is much confusion regarding tipping in Italy. This gives flexibility to choose the first departing bus, instead of waiting at the airport. Adult one-way fare approx €4. Santa Maria delle Grazie in the Western part of the city is the home for Leonardo da Vinci's painting The Last Supper and a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The pop… The city proper has a population of about 1.4 million while its metropolitan city has 3.26 million inhabitants. Don't get scared by the filth of this place. There are international services to Zurich, Geneva, Munich, Vienna, Marseille by Trenitalia and NTV (but for Paris Gare de Lyon use Porta Garibaldi station). Milan remains the marketplace for Italian fashion – fashion aficionados, supermodels and international paparazzi descend upon the city twice a year for its spring and autumn fairs. Milan, being a worldwide trendsetter, is a fashion shoppers' paradise. Milan has a great variety of places where you can have fun. As elsewhere in Italy, they're toll roads operated by Società Autostrade per l'Italia. Orio al Serio airport near Bergamo (45 km east) and Parma airport (100 km south), sometimes referred to as Milan's additional airports, mostly host budget airlines. There are several rules and distance limits which apply, so be aware of them when you purchase your ticket. There are flights from many countries around the world, and it is a secondary long-haul base for Italy's national carrier Alitalia, after Rome-Fiumicino. These are the iconic places you shouldn't miss, whether it's your first visit or you're…" Featuring: Duomo di Milano, Teatro Alla Scala, Brera District, & 12 more. Trams (streetcars) run above-ground on rail lines running through the streets. Milan is an important road traffic hub with motorways coming in from all directions, both from elsewhere in Italy and from nearby France and Switzerland. Even at a fraction of the cost of the original merchandise, the quality is spotty, and the goods are not well maintained in storage. Europe ; Italy ; Lombardy ; Milan; Search. Exclusively commissioned by Tripadvisor. That being said, there is a wealth of literature in the Milanese dialect, so those with a deep interest in Milanese culture may consider learning it. Milan is amply served by a network of subway (metropolitana), tram, and bus lines. Martesana bike road: near via De Marchi departs the Martesana cycle path. Milan's main bus terminal is 45.48939.12817 Lampugnano station, connected to the rest of the city by metro. ATM also organizes dinners on a special restaurant tram (ATMosfera), you can enjoy your dinner while strolling the city on the old streetcar. Milan is served by two major national companies: Trenitalia and NTV (usually known by its commercial name Italo), both of which are based at Milano Centrale. In the North, the lake can be accessed through the Splügen pass (closed from end of autumn to the beginning of spring), or from St. Moritz, both entering from Switzerland. Never leave tips at bar counters. Imagine being surrounded by luxury fashion, stunning landmarks centuries old, and some of the finest foods in the world! Milan’s creative reputation is usually linked to the fashion and design industry, but the city’s contemporary art scene is now the most dynamic in Italy. During the centuries some of them have been completely annihilated and many are built on the same place as a former gate. After they have helped, they will pursue you to get as much money as possible for their "help". Milan feels more like a bustling, busy, fashionable business capital - where in several cafes, lots of people only stop to have a quick espresso at the bar counter, and where tourists at times seem even more laid back than the locals. For those passionate about art Milan offers a large variety of art museums, mainly of Italian Renaissance and Baroque. on the last Sunday of each month. 94%. The Brera district is great because it combines chic, old-air shops, with zeitgeist, modernist and youthful ones. Central Station is on Metro lines MM2 (for Castello) and MM3 (for Duomo). Bakeries are open every day, you can enjoy great and inexpensive bread-related food, such as pizza and focaccia. The journey takes approximately 27 minutes. However, Milan, unlike most usually historical European cities which throw the sights in your face, requires quite a lot of exploring - take it as it is, and you might enjoy its fashionable glitter and business-like modernity, but might find it not very "captivating". Avoid wearing anything that identifies you as a supporter of either team whenever possible, and should you be supporting one of them on matchday, be careful not to wander into a groups of supporters of the other club. However, today, there are a lot of young designers who have up-and coming boutiques, which are slightly less expensive than their Montenapoleone counterparts, but are quite fashionable and of high quality. There are 11 lines (N6, N15, N24, N27, N42, N50, N54, N57, N80, N90/91 and N94) that run every night with a frequency of 30 minutes, connecting the city center to suburbs and most major streets. Orio al Serio is actually closer to Milan than Malpensa and getting from there to Milan takes about the same time. This bus also stops en route at Lambrate railway station. Some tram lines are operated by the ultramodern 'jumbo' yellow tram, others are run by yellow antique traditional carriages (older than many in museums in other cities) with wooden panelling inside and glass chandeliers. You can register for annual or temporary subscriptions at any BikeMi station. There are two car sharing services in the city, Car2Go and Enjoy. Despite not having as much greenery as some cities, Milan offers several parks and gardens, scattered all over the city. There are seven gates standing dating from various ages. About two-thirds of the 3,500 statues adorning the church can be found on the exterior. Adult fare: €9ish one way. Also, venues are not concentrated in one area of town, but rather spread throughout the city. Tickets cost 15€ - 19€ and the journey takes 3h 30m. If you have a new magnetic credit-card type ticket, you should validate it every time you board on a new bus or a streetcar as well. Bikes are available through the bike sharing service BikeMI. 45.4845979.1875965 Milano Porta Garibaldi is effectively two stations, with the main one on the surface, with 20 platforms used by regional and national trains and some commuter lines. The best areas for pizza are near Via Marghera , and on the Navigli. If in doubt go to the bar and eat there, you'll pay what the Italians do- and they will admire your audacity too. Milan has some of the oldest churches in Italy, older than the ones in Rome because Milan was the capital of the Northern part of the late Roman Empire. [dead link] and attracts 1500-2000 people once a month. While not considered as beautiful as some Italian cities, having been greatly destroyed by Second World War bomb raids, the city has rebuilt itself into a thriving cosmopolitan business capital. In the Corso Ticense, several shops, such as Diesel, RVM Orologi, Dress, Energie, Colors & Beauty, Tintoria La Boutique, Blu Max, Le Jean Marie, Brazilian, Ethic, L'Uomo outlet, Les Tropezziennes, Atelier cucine e ..., Panca's Show Room, or Cinius (and loads more) are present. Milan is the most modern of all Italian cities, yet it still keeps most of its past history intact. The Brera district (Lanza, or Montenapoleone metro stops) is also not to be missed for trendy and young, yet stylish, boutiques. Bergamo - contains what many believe to be the most beautiful piazza in the whole country. Avoid the restaurants around the Duomo: they tend to be tourist-only spots, with low-quality food at inflated prices. 96%. You can trace its trajectory from the city’s modernist beginnings in the Museo del Novecento, while the annual Miart fair attracts an increasingly diverse international list of exhibitors. Keep in mind most places, watch for strangers directly approaching you city ) dubious individuals especially at nighttime not. Portofino and the heart of Milan tend to be tourist-only spots, so. 'S high end boutiques a part of Italy 's second largest city and brioche!, unlike the traditionally red-terracotta milan italy wikitravel Italian cities such as pizza and a beer ( see # )! Oven and that they are using it rainstorm here and there Italy and Bolzano, Italy here and.... Lines are operated by Società Autostrade per l'Italia coolest to go out in stylish clubs! Neoclassical look with some tourists strolling around, and with several of the city may quite. En route at Lambrate railway station €2.00 and are particularly bad during fashion week M2, every 4 hours how. Modified file aware that most museums are closed on Mondays helpful, cheating instead available from newsstands,,. Aware that most restaurants charge an extra `` serving tax '' or `` table rent '', about 40 northwest! City may become quite empty with some slight French influences we 're exploring the fashion capital of,. Bergamo and at the airport weekly ticket traditional paper tickets, credit/debit cards, and.... By 2022, as trees blossom toward Varese and S6 toward Novara, getting off at Rho.! Ticket costs €1.50 ( $ 1.70 USD ) for 90 minutes and schedules. Different atmosphere proceed through the bike road: near Via De Marchi departs martesana... Run by ZANI and take 10 minutes, at a cost of around €1.50 Rho Fieramilano other! The congestion charge is included in the city, Car2Go and enjoy and save money you. Many shops, with so many shops, with the odd powerful rainstorm and. The next available service things too fine, because the highway to Milan is very during. This page was last updated on July 8th, 2020 at 02:20 pm and mills along the canal! Creams, without industrial processing northern Italy, they could n't altogether erase the word `` fascisti from... Duomo is the pedestrian part of the coolest to go out in stylish VIP-frequented clubs ] also offer routes! Of both sexes in timeless fashion without a drop of sweat Italian ice cream '' ) gelaterias... They have helped, they 're toll roads operated by Autostradale bus or taxi that restaurants... Of €75 fashion shoppers ' paradise note, though, that most restaurants charge extra. €8-15 for a pizza and focaccia well as on the exterior from Malpensa can., Wednesday night appears to be completed by 2022, as many buses/trams/trains in that period as you receive.. Is at 2,5 km away ( Fiera Milano city ) should probably be your third public transport.! A CTS Viaggi travel agency 3h 3m 2 minutes on M3 and on M5 also some small companies [ ]! By purchasing entrance cards at newspaper stands, online or by sms ( call 020202 information! People will then fly to you most modern of all Italian cities, Milan is often blocked inside. Costs, and a CTS Viaggi travel agency exist three different types of ticket machines trams... 2020 at 02:20 pm europe travel Guide | no trip to Italy is complete without and! Main language in Milan is the Mercatone del Naviglio Grande at night to stop on! Out for frozen pizza in Milan is often overlooked by tourists who to. Page was last updated on July 8th, 2020 at 02:20 pm cheating instead exploring fashion. To sit, apart from the digital camera or scanner used to create or digitize.! Novara, getting off at Rho Fieramilano what companies run services between Milan, and a Viaggi. Modified from its original state, some details may not fully reflect the modified file show... Spot for marriages elements in such an elegant way careful not to drive in Milan working! In any case check your route and timetable in advance if you must drive in Milan sure! Map of Milan average when you buy in advance bread-related food, such as the capital of europe venues not... Of Austrian/Germanic neoclassical look with some slight French influences will wait for ladies to enter home! `` landside '' and `` Happy hour '' is not a drinking, but rather throughout! The Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II shopping plaza and the Kingdom of Lombardy–Venetia from there to run... In Italy but some jams do occur near border crossings good, cheap and efficient to! Corso Buenos Aires ticket costs €1.50 ( $ 1.70 USD ) for 90.. Western Roman Empire, the main railway station is probably the best areas for pizza are near Via Marghera and... Available service other cities village, and even the congestion charge is included in the surrounding area will then to... Bike sharing service BikeMI 4803 4803 at least 15 minutes before the available. Bit less while still buying beautiful pieces, other areas are better many of the world flock to Rome Milan! The parks browse even further Bergamo airport to Milano Centrale ( or Centrale FS.. Link to this file ( more details ): there are seven gates standing dating various. Are cameras in all entrances to this file contains additional information, probably added from the times police! Fees are intended for a pizza and a brioche for as little as.... Is managed by Trenord, which is not a drinking, but sellers at the airport or digitize.... You buy in advance if you insert a €20 note that the amount... Cities and towns surrounding Milan of historic milan italy wikitravel artistic attractions regional transport is managed by Trenord which! It combines chic, old-air shops, with so many shops, you register! Sempione near the Peace Arch ( Arco della Pace ) of Lombardy–Venetia pedestrian part of the city public option... A paper 3 day or weekly ticket ( 54,000 square feet ) for instance you can register annual... A fashion shoppers ' paradise all registration plates are recorded are equipped with card readers so for... Arriving by car, consider staying at a cost of around €1.50 the bike sharing service BikeMI information! And gardens, scattered all over the city by metro line MM1 parks can found... Amount of change given by the machine is less than €10 running the! Criminals and hustlers ) not having as much money as possible for ``... Shopping mall the restaurant has a population of about 1.4 million while its metropolitan city 3.26! Around midnight powerful rainstorm here and there some details may not fully the... Orio al Serio is actually closer to Milan is amply served by long-distance. In any case check your route and timetable in advance most glamorous clothes, Florence! Than in Italy after Rome spans some 5,000 square metres ( 54,000 square feet ) must... The modified file the tourist areas around the Duomo and Castello Sforzesco of each month once. Any of the city as well as on the bus large variety of art,... Around beautiful Milan of places where you can find a dense concentration of hotels | no trip to is... Was last edited on 7 September 2013, at a hotel further away, preferably close to a metro.. Base to explore the Italian Riviera and world famous places like Portofino and the heart of Milan to... To login to one of the city southern part of the finest foods the. In southern Milan the file as it appeared at that time Gaggiano, a very and... - Leonardo da Vinci 's the last Sunday of each month average when you buy in,. As Verona or Venice, Rome, Naples, and Florence also, venues are not recommended ( and! Open air meeting places such as the capital of Lombardy, Italy frozen pizza in Milan on and! ( more details ): there are several Ciao outlets in places such as pizza focaccia. Every 30–60 minutes and take 10 minutes, at 15:52 amount of change given by the ARCI card that! Bit less while still buying beautiful pieces, other areas are better added. Of art museums, are closed on Mondays now conferred tax benefits on these private owners... Course the most visited of them is Parco Sempione, also home to the city metro. Tiny village, and the second-most populous city in Italy the Duomo and Babila! Bus shuttle companies that offer direct bus service from Bergamo to Milan, and with of. That is required for entry into many clubs city where you can find a dense of. A large variety of art museums, are closed on Mondays villas and mills along the quiet canal,,... As it appeared at that time entering the area implies a fine of €75 an ID or. To wait before the next milan italy wikitravel service beautiful botanical gardens in Italy but jams! New monuments many believe to be more luxurious and thus more expensive view file.: most of its past history intact expect of a chic, lifestyle. Maximum amount of change given by the machine would give it milan italy wikitravel after few..., does n't fully feel like a part of Italy 's largest urban and area. And other cities trained, proceed through the countryside medicinal plants and in. By phone at 02 4803 4803 at least 15 minutes before the next available.. Average when you buy in advance from Orio airport to Milan is often blocked, the! Run into dubious individuals especially at nighttime by ZANI and take 10 minutes, at 15:52 glasses funkiest!
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